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  • Told in Deborah Challinor's trademark style - equal parts heart and humour - From the Ashes follows the fortunes of the women of three families through one decade of incredible change.

As each woman navigates the shifting social and cultural landscape of the 1950s, she is faced with new possibilities and decisions - with freedom comes joy, but also fear and, occasionally, mistakes.

#deborahchallinor #fromtheashes #history #romance #50s #1950s #fiction
  • Vivid, perceptive, timely, and ridiculously entertaining, Seduction is a landmark work that examines women, sex, and male power in Hollywood during its golden age - a legacy that endures nearly a century later.

Karina Longworth (creator of the @youmustrememberthis podcast) reminds us, long before the Harvey Weinsteins there was Howard Hughes-the Texas millionaire whose reputation as a cinematic provocateur was matched only by that as a prolific womanizer.

#metoo #seduction #hollywood #cinema #resistance #history #women
  • We can’t help but drool over the delectable desserts in MODERN BAKING, the latest offering from @donna.hay 🤤 
From mastering meringue to creating a cheat’s custard tart, Donna is making it easier than ever to find your very own all-time favourite recipe!

MODERN BAKING is out now 📖
  • An ingenious dystopian novel of one young woman's resistance against the constraints of an oppressive society. This is an oblique but powerful response to our current political climate.

When a recklessly idealistic girl in a dystopian future society dares to test the perimeters of her tightly controlled world, she is punished by being sent eighty years back in time.

#joycecaroloates #hazardsoftimetravel #timetravel #fiction #dystopia #feminism #handmaidstale #atwood #resistance
  • Feel like you're practically living at work, or that you're only working for the weekend?

It Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At Work is a direct attack on the chaos, anxiety and stress that plagues millions of workplaces and billions of people working their day jobs.

It's time to stop celebrating crazy and start celebrating calm.

#work #deadline #busy #modernlife #calm #meditation
  • 'Anyone who cooks should have Anna's books' - @nigellalawson

You might not be familiar with her, but Anna Del Conte's culinary influence is far-reaching. Nigella Lawson credits Del Conte with inspiring her first cookbook.

Her recipes are thoroughly researched and tested; she provides the home cook with a trusted and essential companion. Her numerous practical tips are the result of a lifetime's experience.

#cooking #culinary #italian #italy #vegetables #recipe #nigella
  • In Gilded Age New York, money buys everything. What is your price?

Belinda Alexandra is back with THE INVITATION, a mesmerising tale of two sisters and the dangers and seductions of excess.

Beneath the glittering exterior of a decadent society lies a seething nest of deceit, betrayal, moral corruption ... and perhaps even murder.

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